Hot corrosion is a ubiquitous problem in heavy industry costing billions of dollars per year in productivity loss and material replacement. Alloy degradation in high temperature service is evident on a broad range of alloy pipes, including cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, and advanced nickel alloys. Oxidation of pipe exteriors in humid environments is the most common form of corrosion that leads to plant unit shutdowns for pipe replacement, as most plants are operated in ambient air. Cerablak® HTP-100 has proven effective for durable protection of various grades of steel and nickel-based alloys.

In addition, higher service temperatures improve energy efficiency in industrial processes, but high temperatures are a challenge for the existing metal alloy infrastructure. Cerablak® HTP-100, with its outstanding diffusion barrier characteristics, can extend the life of existing alloy infrastructure, reducing the frequency of material replacement. HTP-100 provides the margin needed for sustaining existing infrastructure at higher service temperatures, thus yielding huge savings to the end user and the environment.